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    Eating healthy at Dillard; is it an easy task?

    Many freshmen gain their "freshmen 15" during the first semester at Dillard. Much of this weight gain is due to dieting habits, eating late at night, and no exercising. "I feel like I’ve gained 15 pounds," said freshman Selam Workeneh.

    This is the thought on the minds of many college students around the world and on Dillard’s campus. No matter what college you attend, to most students, the "freshmen 15" or in some cases "sophomore 30" is inevitable. Workeneh, a biology/ pre-med major, said that most gain weight because they are away from home.

    "In college, unlike being at home, there is no one telling you how and what to eat," Workeneh said. Another factor that affects weight gain is maintaining a healthy diet.

    Many students feel that Kearny does not cater to their needs for a nutritious meal. "The food in Kearny doesn’t suffice. I’m always disappointed by the lack of fresh fruits and vegetables. The food they serve is redundant," Workeneh said.

    While there are many things that increase weight gain, there are many ways to lose excess weight and maintain a healthy body right here on Dillard’s campus.

    One way to begin losing those "freshmen 15" is to exercise. Dillard has four facilities open to students where they can get a full body workout. There is a open gym in Henson during the day and at night. Students could also play tennis on the tennis courts located between Dent and Coss Hall on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after 6p.m. and on Tuesday and Thursday after 9p.m.

    The weight room located in Dent Hall is open Monday through Friday from 9a.m. until 7p.m. Coach Hobley said that he would be more than happy to offer assistance to any students wanting to work out.

    "Students need to eat healthy, drink plenty of water and lift weights, the right way in order to stay in shape," Hobley said. Although many students are unaware, there is a swimming pool located on Dent Hall, where water aerobics are given. The water aerobics are from 6p.m. to 8p.m. in the swimming pool.

    Whereas there are many ways to gain weight on Dillard’s campus, there are just as many ways to lose that weight. Many students lose calories just by walking to class on a daily basis. Every student should examine himself or herself to see what changes they can make and how they can improve their health.

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    Eating healthy at Dillard; is it an easy task?