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    Students, professors speak out on pros and cons of foreign language

    Students of the Humanities at Dillard University say they would prefer not to major in foreign language.

    Foreign languages play a major role within the department of Humanities giving each student the option of a majoring or a minor of a foreign language.  The chairperson of foreign languages, Dr. Julia Patiño, a native of Cali, Colombia, moved to New Orleans in 1979 to attend Delgado College to learn more of the English language. Patiño describes the foreign language department as a powerful department that gives Dillard students the opportunity to expand their horizons.

    “We have the opportunity to participate in guiding students.  We are not only teaching, but we are helping you mentally,” Patiño said. 


    Professor of Spanish for two years, Melissa Fredrick, expressed her feelings on how she feels the foreign language department is intriguing and exciting. In addition, Fredrick touched on how studying abroad is a major factor and should be experienced by all college students. 


    “Language is important and necessary due to the increase and immigrants to the United States and also the increasing to travel abroad”, Fredrick said. 


    Kristin Nevels, a Dillard University double major junior in Mass communications and French is one of Dillard’s few students who have selected a foreign language as their major. Although French is not her main focus Nevels acknowledges both majors equally.  Nevels was introduced to the language of French during her early years of middle school where a foreign language was required.  Born and raised in the state of Louisiana, Nevels decided to learn more about the French known state. 


    “I would like to study in France to become fluent.  I want to use it to become a foreign news correspondent”, says Nevels.  Nevels explained how she felt on not just focusing on French as her major.


    “In order to major in a foreign language you must also minor in one.  It would be too complicated for a student to major in French and minor in Spanish”, she said. 


    Professors and staff of the foreign language department want to encourage all students to take their opportunity of speaking another language seriously. The requirement for Dillard University states each student must take at least one foreign language in order for graduation. Patiño and Fredrick closed by encouraging DU students to study abroad by taking the opportunity at a young age to travel out of the United States. In addition, those selected languages students decide to study, the foreign language staff encourages for students to apply themselves by expanding their minds to another culture.


    “I encourage any student who reads this article to travel, study abroad, experience life while you’re young, and learn how to fluently speak another language”, closes Patiño encouraged of the students.  

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    Students, professors speak out on pros and cons of foreign language