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    The Balancing Act : School vs. Work

    Many Dillard students upon returning to New Orleans were faced with several job opportunities that may not have been an option pre-Katrina.


    Businesses throughout New Orleans, especially the Central Business District are seeking to hire college students that returned. With half of the citizens scattered throughout the nation, in order for businesses to open back up they need college students.


    Lauren Milller, the hiring manager for Banana Republic, feels that college students make better associates because they can work more hours and are capable of balancing their school work at the same time.


     The question is really rather or not this statement is actually true. Many college students today around the country are struggling with managing 15 hours in school and a part-time job. A study from Montgomery County College has proven that the success of one’s education and balancing a part-time job is determined by the individual and their dedication to their education.


     After conducting a survey, approximately seventy percent of Dillard students are employed either at a retail store or a fast food restaurant. “I’d rather be working at a retail store because I know that I’m guaranteed to be off at a reasonable time, making me able to schedule time to study” said Katrina Sams a junior Biology student.


    Katrina Sams, a sales associate at Banana Republic, has managed to work from six in the morning, then go to her eight o’clock class and return to work without a problem. “I often just bring my school work with me to work because I get several breaks throughout the day. I’m only working because I want to have extra money to spend unwisely.”


     On the other hand, some students are finding difficulty with balancing their academics and work at the same time. Alicia Golbert, a junior working at Wal-Mart, is struggling to keep up her grades because of the work shifts that Wal-Mart is offering her. “I have to work because I’m the only one who is going to pay for my car note and my rent each month,” said Golbert. This is something that many Dillard students are struggling with; having a job could be the means for everyday survival.


    Tips students should approach when striving to balance school and work according to Montgomery County College is to find a job with flexible hours, keep your work and school schedule balanced. Avoid scheduling conflicts; provide your employer with your hours of availability at the beginning of each semester and most importantly schedule a day off in advance if you anticipate that you’ll need extra time to study. 


    If one can balance school and work and be successful with it, go for it. But, if one recognizes that he or she is struggling in school one needs to set his or her priorities straight and figure out what’s more important and act accordingly. Just think that your job will always be here, but your education can easily slip away.




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    The Balancing Act : School vs. Work