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    To our DU family,

    It brings us great pleasure to be able to be a source of communication between the faculty, staff and students. For the pass year Dillard’s lack of communication has caused so many problems that could have been avoided. As staff members of the Courtbouilliion we feel that we should do our very best to alleviate as many avoidable problems as possible by being the voice for the faculty, staff and of course the students. With that being said it has been brought to our attention that the dress code for the classroom environment is continuously being violated. Considering that we just started a new semester this is the best time to lay down the rules and start fresh.

    As college students most of us are in the age range from 17-22. At that age we should all know when it is time for business and when it is time for play. In most high schools they gave you a dress code. As a young adult and college student it is no ones responsibility to take your hand and guide you to your closet to tell you what to wear and what not to wear. Some of us may not think that what we wear is inappropriate so therefore I will touch on some things that the professors have a problem with.

    This is not a fashion show or is it a nightclub. Its ok to dress nice and look cute, but some things are just not of good taste no matter what brand it is. Ladies do not go to class with your cleavage showing. Neither your stomach nor your backside should be visible. If for some reason your shirt does not cover your cleavage… wear a jacket. Hair rags and rollers are inappropriate for class. Men please do not come to class with your pants sagging or with just a wife beater on. No one should wear their pajamas to the class no matter how late they may be or how early their class is.

    Sometimes are better left unsaid but this is not one of them. Show some appreciation for your school. In the real world, employers will not tolerate any excuses about your attire. They will fire you just as fast as you were hired. So consider this a stepping-stone to your future career. Once again is has been a pleasure to be your source of communications.

    Your Courtbouillon Staff.

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    Letter from the editors