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Artist of the Week: Makale Moore


Makale Moore, better known as “Kale,” is a 20-year-old junior studying English. His field of art is his descriptive, beautiful writing and artistic rhythmic poetry. He also expresses his love for music and is a curator of playlists. He has even been told he has an “ear for music.” 

Kale is from the Southside of Chicago by way of West Englewood. He believes that being from Chicago greatly impacted his art and how he sees all art; music, photography, cinema, and visual arts. He says, “Chicago adds to the essence of my creativity that I use for my art but also to inspire and encourage others.” 

He also expresses that Chicago is a part of every aspect of his growth, and he is more than just a person, an artist. Kale tells people Chaigco is more than what they see on the news; it’s a city full of creativity, hope, possibility, and love. 

“We have an actuality that exists within the beauty of our complexity; we have authenticity and originality that will soon change the world of artistry in every facet,” he says.

Kale’s relationship with writing and poetry started at the end of his sophomore year of high school. During the time, he didn’t have a relationship with literature, he remembered times when he would get genuinely upset with his teacher because he would be forced to read. They would read the book “Long Way Down” by Jason Reynolds as a class and after reading, he was mesmerized that somebody who looked like him could make such a work of art. The book taught him he could influence young men like him with just a book.

Writing and poetry make Kale feel “heard and aware.” His art allows him to understand the different perspectives of everyday people, and it also allows him to understand himself in other lives to connect so he can appreciate perspectives better. 

Dillard University influenced these understandings by teaching him to defend the voice and creativity within him. As he faced challenges inside and outside the classrooms, he learned that everybody doesn’t have to see his style as ideal, which doesn’t mean it’s less worthy. His English professor, Professor Nur, once told him, “You must fight for your voice. Because there will not be anybody else willing to fight more than you.”

When Kale graduates in May 2025, he strives to become a best-selling author. He believes that it’s part of his destiny. He will continue to write books for the younger generation to show that no matter how insignificant you may think you are, you have a story to tell.  He want to show them that when you share your story, it will influence the people after you. 

After graduating, Kale plans to get a PhD in creative writing from the University of Illinois Chicago. He dreams of opening schools, libraries, and other community centers in his old neighborhood to eventually expand it to the entire city of Chicago.

“To live within hope & curiosity is to live within an abundance of possibility,” he said.

Missing Out (After, SZA) by Makale Moore

My youth is being cut from me, with sharpest of SZA.
I’m losing what my 20 something’s should be about,
Before I even get there.
Parties til sun up, countless one night stands, and so cross faded I can’t
remember when the night began.
Let alone in what bed the night ends,
bless those who crave them, 20 something’s activities.
Missing out on these pre 20 somethings, or growing beyond my youth?
I don’t know yet.
I don’t enjoy the leisures that my peers do,
Rather say yes to the floetry of poetry
before rockin to swag surf.
Being uncommon, listening to common.
Late Friday’s aren’t filled with bounce music at a crowded venues,
trees of high stature rolling leaves filled with herbs from the most high,
forest fire smoke covers the crowd riding the Vicky Low train.
Mikale repeated by enjoyers of this side like a broken record,
Hot, city, girls, and boys
Anthem like rumbler siren to an ambulance,
instead it’s a Nissan, scat pack, hellcat, or Chevrolet
with the hospital being a Waffle House,
Sanctuary of recovery for the night,
or pit stop til next adventure on long weekends or holidays.
On School Daze it’s the cycle started by an 8am session,
Discovering joy in the subtlety of college life.
Turntable reminisces on the Bridges Leon made,
or secrets the masters of Wu hid within 36 chambers.
Our college experience has Noname
Never knew how much damage love could cause,
or how far a text can fix.
Trying to lift while I climb,
this mountain of life.
The ups and downs,
leave people in shock.
I being a wrench in the system,
much like a malfunction in the factory line,
telling others who’ll listen,
to live.
Paint that painting,
Write that poem,
Pursue that dream,
Spend that money
Instead of what we’ve been programmed to do,
SZA cuts away the fear of missing out,
along with the thought of falling behind,
giving reminder that I’m on track
in this life.
God bless those, who
Crave them Pre-20 something activities

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