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    You got me

    Every night I lie awake, my thoughts are of you,

    Recaps of our conversations, and the silly things you do.

    Each night I pray to God, each night I pray in a different way,

    I pray until tears fall out my eyes that my feeling for you will go away.

    These feelings I have for you are not made up, they are oh so real,

    But the worse part is, you don’t feel the same, that’s the part that kills.

    My world has changed for the better with you apart of it,

    But now my heart tells me to get out while I’m not in to deep, to hurry up and quit.

    I’m scared; scared you’ll hurt me, though not intentionally,

    But a small part of me keeps telling me that you’ll come around eventually.

    I’ve always had big dreams; the one I have now is that you’ll see what I see,

    I see something, I don’t know quite what it is but I see it, and there’s no I in we.

    So really it doesn’t matter what I see,

    You have to like me for me.

    I love being your friend, but I can give you so much more,

    It’s you I already long for and adore.

    I had to get this off my chest

    Now what’s up you is the rest.

    My goal is not to try to change how you feel.

    But to help you see that your wounded heart I can heal.

    I can sooth your pain,

    You can spend all night picking my brain.

    Most of that we already do,

    So what’s the problem, why can’t I be your boo?

    I’m saying don’t be scared, put your hand in the oven without a glove,

    Take a risk, a chance at all of the above.

    Don’t be scared by my aggressiveness, you know I’m usually shy,

    But you bring out some sides to me I’ve never seen before I’m not even going to lie.

    I’m a diamond in the rough, baby I’m one of a kind,

    Don’t be scared, just know that someone like me, baby you’ll never find.

    Or maybe it’s that you don’t even want to,

    I just know I simply just want you.

    You are the one I want to talk to ever night before I go to sleep,

    The connection we have yes I feel like it’s that deep.

    Maybe I’m just trippin but sometimes it’s okay to go on instincts alone,

    My instincts are what tell me when you’re about to i-m me or even call my phone.

    My instincts tell me this could go somewhere,

    But my instincts also tell me that this is a connection you could have with all your friends everywhere.

    The conversations play over and over again in my mind, weigh on my heart and shoot through my soul,

    Then I realize through these conversations I haven’t quite reached my goal.

    Because I haven’t quite figured out what my goal is to be exact,

    I just know that I like you and that’s all I know to be a fact.

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